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Updated audio files with high quality Apple Lossless versions. These were ripped on a Technics SL1210-MK5 turntable using a Ortofon Archiv stylus and a M-Audio Delta 192 sound card. Clean up done using Adobe Audition CS5.5.

Very sad news to report that Hilary passed away in July, 2007.  The site will continue in her memory and as a tribute to her music that for so many people is weaved into memories of their own lives.  Updated FAQ with the news of Hilary's passing.

Kinetic video has reappeared on YouTube - link added to media page
Fixed email link on this page
Reopened the Guestbook

Removed link to Kinetic Video -
video no longer available on YouTube due to copyright claim

Added videos question to FAQ page

Added link to Kinetic Video - courtesy of YouTube user Rubellan

Updated some of the links and reply email.  Removed counter from front page since it was not accurate.

Had to temporarily turn off the guestbook as crawlers were posting garbage messages - hopefully will return.
Updated all the media files to higher quality bitrate files.

Have added some new links to the links page - some by Hilary's recommendation herself.  Be sure to visit.

Well it's been a while since last update....first of all we are on a new server and new URL - at least now the site has it's own URL - hilarykinetic.com   Seems Tripod shut down the old site due to my offering music files that are almost impossible to find by any other means.  Technically illegal, yes, but since neither record label or artist is financially impacted - I still stand by the fact that these songs should not become extinct.  Another downside to the shut down is we lost some of the guestbook entries.

Lots of new additions thanks to Hilary!
-Added photo to home page
-Additions/corrections to FAQ page
-New scan of Kinetic promo 12" and flip side scan of Backstreet EP
-New Press Sheet from Backstreet era
-Updated lyrics
-Added photos to media page

Updated the discography section to include Razormaid remix of "Kinetic". Thanks to Michael.

The Hilary website is up.  As a fan of obscure 80's music - I have always been able to find info on any artist on the web except Hilary - (OK so there are a few REALLY obscure groups without any web presence).  So I decided to create this site for others who enjoyed Hilary's music and those who may not yet of heard it.  If you have anything to add to this site please sign the guestbook or send me an