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When and where was she born?
Hilary Blake was born in 1950 in Los Angeles, CA.

What is Hilary doing today?
Hilary currently lives in Los Angeles - in her own words she is "still working on music off and on. Working on some comedy stuff with friends. Working on my spiritual self. Raising orchids and feeding hummingbirds."

August 2007 Update:  It is with very heavy heart that I inform her fans that Hilary passed away in July 2007.  Over the years Hilary contributed much to the site and was very appreciative of all the kind words and correspondence from site visitors.  The site will continue in her memory and the memory of her music which is woven into the memories of her fans.  My condolences go out to her family and friends.

Is the Kinetic EP the only thing that she recorded?

As far as what I can tell - the four songs on the Kinetic EP is everything.

Did Hilary have any Top 40 hits?

Nope, her music wouldn't be the obscure gem if she did!  Both "Kinetic" and "Drop Your Pants" however, where very popular on WLIR in New York and played elsewhere.

Were videos done for any of the Hilary songs?

Yes - there is a video for Kinetic.  See the Media page for the Kinetic video.  Hilary adds "Actually, I wanted to do a cartoon video for Drop Your Pants, but the people at the label thought DYP would never get any airplay. So ...of course...DYP broke out as my single and I had no video for it."

Are any of Hilary's songs available on CD?

Unfortunately the Kinetic EP has never been released on CD.  The song "Kinetic" does appear on Razormaid's Class - X volume 11 CD (see discography).   I have engaged a music clearance company to research the status and cost of obtaining access to the master recording.  Most likely it is owned by RCA records who bought the Backstreet Records label.  As far the the publishing rights it appears they are either owned by Hilary herself and possibly Steven Hague who produced the Kinetic EP.  I will post updates when I find out the details.  If you would be interested in getting Hilary's work on CD sign the guestbook.

Where can I buy the Kinetic EP?

Since Kinetic EP is long out of print  the best places to find it would be your local used record store.  Ebay often has copies for sale as does GEMM.COM.