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I would be interested if you ever get the songs on CD. And why not add the video? ! The Razormaid track is about 5:18 in length.





one great EP & that is it??? Love them!





whoa! a Hilary site! I've been waiting (and searching) forever to find more info regarding her! I would def. be interested in buying a copy if it was released as well as buying more to sell on my online record store... Dominic P.S. If you need webspace for the video/audio, just let me know! Id love to see them regardless!


Keith A. Chaney



I Love Hilary....I've been looking for her music forever!!! I'd love to have her music on CD!!!


james j krause



hilary brings me back to the 80's. I want a dance remake. Where is she???????

Zephyr Albright


Thanks for your Hilary Site. Hilary was also popular on San Francisco's Live 105 Radio. I remember being a pre-teen and blasting 'Drop Your Pants' and having my mother wonder what this song meant, hehe. I liked the EP so much I actually bought two of them. I even managed to get my hands on high quality Mp3's a few years back when Audiogalaxy was still active. It's nice to see others like Hilary as much as I did (still do).

E Press

Very impressive. As all who have found this site undoubtedly know, it is extremely difficult to find out anything on Hilary. I bought the EP a few yrs ago from some rare records web site. I grew up in Long Island and used to listen to the legendary WLIR. Kinectic was an LIR staple.


Thank you so much for providing the mp3 for Drop Your Pants! I have been looking for this for quite some time now. This is a very nice site, and I will check back every now and them Thanks again

Missing WLIR/Hilary

Hilary -- how about a live show out hear in WLIR country? you'd be surprised how many 30-somethings love ya!


Kinda dug Hilary's song when I saw it the two times MTV played it and when VH1 Classic aired it recently, I suddenly started jonesing for it. Thanks for fulfilling that need!

Another excellent 80s song. We can't hear them anymore here on Long Island since WLIR is off the air. Thanks to the Morey Disorganization.


Another excellent 80s song. We can't hear them anymore here on Long Island since WLIR is off the air. Thanks to the Morey Disorganization.



This is a great site! I have loved Hilary's "Drop Your Pants" forever! While I was searching for a Hilary site, I ran into a message sort of board, in which someone claiming to be Hilary stated that she had cancer. I do hope that this isnt true...and if it is...Hilary...God be with you, I hope you win this fight. Thank you David


Mike Mastronardi


I'd love to see the Hilary EP and remixes on CD. WLIR played "Drop Your Pants" quite a bit, but "Kinetic" was a smash hit. I'm amazed still to find people that don't know this song. I think if it were to find it's way into a movie or TV commercial, it could be a Top 40 hit today.



I would be interested in getting a CD of these songs! I'd also like to do a remix of "Drop Your Pants" as well. We've done some underground mixes as "The Dusted Brothers" and would LOVE a go at this!!


tinsoldier at erasure.org

I cannot believe this site has been up for this long without me noticing! I was thinking of starting my own at this point! (Was Google slow to index it, or what?) Well, it should be NEEDLESS to say that Hilary's EP should be rereleased on CD, and I'd kill to have it! (Promos too ;) ) However, I think the best bet here, is for her to go into the studio again, and record enough material to constitue an album, rather than pursue an EP reissue alone. This has happened before, and I think it's the easiest way. On the other hand, labels in the UK and Europe, and a handful of indies in the USA might pick it up as an EP, if she would agree to do an album down the line. Some possibilities: http://www.adifferentdrum.com/label.php http://www.energy-rekords.se/ I, however, hope she does return to music, and chooses the first option, and (fingers crossed) with synths! It's also possible, and I think, likely that she could shop out 'Kinetic' fo another single release on it's own. If the cost of mixing it is too much, she could publically ask amatuers to mix it with the understanding that their reward would be the publicity of their work. (Men Without Hats have done this, and other artists like Moby and Depeche Mode have had mixing contests as well) In the end, their may be enough quality material to convince a label to issue a 12" or CD5" of 'Kinetic', and who knows what after? ;) There's no doubt in my mind that if an effort is made, she CAN make a comeback. (Just look at Robert Marlow, a Vince Clarke protege, who had his 1982 album reissued a few years back) Whatever happens, I'd like to be kept "in the know". (You really ought to start a Yahoo mailing list dedicated to her, to keep us updated) Anyhow, thanks for all you've done! Cheers, Michael


tinsoldier at erasure.org

Ah, just noticed all the WLIR/WDRE comments... What a stupid move to flip formats. I can honestly say I've given up on FM in totality, since that happened. The future is satellite radio. ;) Cheers again, Michael

Steve Strummer

Hilary was a memorable favorite of mine when I was a college DJ hosting "New Wave Enclave" at Georgetown U. in '83-'84. Thanks for keeping her music available, I've been searching for it for years! Glad to hear Hilary is doing well!

Ralph Landi


"THE" Lost Gem on WLIR when I Grew Up on Long Island in the Early 80's..Thank you for the Downloads... Ciao www.chefralphlandi.com


Thanks awesome... the final pieces in my complete wlir screamer of the week playlist.



I grew up in Queens, NY and loved WLIR during high school. I have looked everywhere over the years for information on the enigmatic Hilary. While I do own the Kinetic crystal disk EP, I haven't set up a turntable since I moved 5 years ago, so I am particularly grateful for the digital encodings of the songs provided on this site. I am happy to see there are kindred spirits who have carried the flame for over 20 years. I would instantly purchase any Hilary music made available on CD - so I will cross m fingers for a re-release of the EP.



I was a club DJ during the time Hilary's EP came out. My personal favorite is "I Live", but every cut is a little gem, as far as I'm concerned. Her lyrics are particularly strong, and evoke vivid imagery. I wish I had done a remix of one of her pieces when I was working with Hot Tracks back in the 80's.

Marco Mancia


I would love to get the Kinetic EP, preferably on vinyl, but if not CD, especially Drop Your Pants!

Bob F


Thanks for the MP3's!



Hilary- Haven't heard your music (yet), but you're a great gal!!! ;>)



OMG, Hilary's still with us on this planet?!?! What a HUGE relief! When I was scouring the Internet a few months back for more information on Hilary, see, I found this e-mail she sent to a Gary Numan mailing list back in 1996, where she explains that she had some sort of lung-related illness that was most likely fatal; according to this e-mail, at this point in her life her doctors were giving her one month to live... ? When I found that e-mail, I despaired because I thought I could never send the message to Ms. Hilary that her song "Kinetic", which I was able to procure from a New Wave site, has become a personal anthem of mine. It's also become one of my favorite songs of all time. I was too young to pick up on all of this back when this was considered "new music" (I was about three when the Kinetic LP was released), so I'm coming to this kinda late in the game, but still I feel very passionate about the Hilary tracks I've been able to find. Thank you for providing this wonderful website as a service to me and others like me, and please pass along my gratitude to Hilary herself.

Scott Briggs

Port Washington, LI NY


Finally remembered today to go do some research on Hilary, was playing the Kinetic videos and remixes on YouTube, I've been into her music since growing up on L.I. in the 80s and being an inveterate WLIR FM listener since day one, I was big into both Drop Your Pants and Kinetic even more so, I never managed to own the vinyl in those days but I listened on the radio all the time!  I wasn't old enough to go to the clubsuntil 1987 or so, and even then I couldn't legally drink yet,so I missed a lot of the early punk and new wave clubs in the area and NYC until a bit after Hilary's heyday, sadly. I'm basically an old punk goth new waver type from the old days. We used to have some great clubs on LI in those days like Spit,Spize, Malibu, 007, Thrush, and best of all later on was Paris NY in Huntington LI which I got to go to a bit in the later 80s and early 90s but then they closed it around 1992 or so, sadly.  Anyway, was very sad to hear that Hilary passed away in 2007, I had no idea, and hadn't heard about this at the time or I'd havewritten a lot sooner.   The web site is great, I hope you keep it going! WLIR really championed Hilary a lot at the time 1983-84 or so, and I think some other non-new wave stations even played her here like WKTU, possibly, although my memory is hazy now of whether or not they actually did.  My own experience of 1983 was hearing

music like Hilary on the radio all the time, buying indie/new wave records at this cool local record shop Titus Oaks near where I grew up in Levittown LI, which is long gone now, being in high school, shooting archery every weekend at a club I belonged to, and listening to U2 on our boomboxes and such in the street outside my house.  Memories of a happier and simpler time, that's for sure.

Anyway, take care and you can post this on the blog if you like!